Are rope courses safe?


Yes, on each route the participants are hooked with professional mountaineering equipment to a steel lifeline. On the highest routes is installed the continuous lifeline to which you are hooked from beginning to end of the path without the possibility of disengaging.

Before accessing the routes, a brief but accurate briefing is carried out on a test route.

How should I dress?

Do I need to bring special equipment?


No, all the necessary equipment (helmet, harness, carabiners) to climb the paths will be provided by the park. Comfortable sportswear, nothing special is required, but remember that with slippers / flip-flops you will not be able to climb the paths. It is also better to avoid skirts and dresses.

Is the park open in case of rain or wind?


Only an incessant rain stops us! In case of passing and weak rain, the park temporarily suspends activities to resume them as soon as the bad weather has passed.

The rains at night or the previous days do not compromise in any way the activities of the park.

Remember that often the weather on the coast is different (and more favorable) from that in the hinterland. In case of strong wind the park remains closed, however, thanks to the conformation of the surrounding area we are very sheltered from the wind, both sea and land. If you are not sure check the web cam call us at 3396662554.


Are there toilets and a refreshment

point at the park?

Our Snack bar Il Pinetino has everything you need for a snack or lunch in the middle of the pine forest. Soft drinks, coffee, snacks, ice cream, and delicious sandwiches. There is also a picnic area equipped with tables and benches, where you can rest between one path and another and you can also bring a packed lunch. It is also possible to rent our barbecue from September to June but the use of other barbecues is not allowed.

Toilets are present, there are no showers or changing rooms.

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